High Street, Hartley Wintney


Situated in North East Hampshire, Hartley Wintney is a rural village with a wealth of history, surrounded by idyllic countryside.  With a population of approximately 5000 people, the Parish includes Phoenix Green to the south and the adjoining hamlets of Dipley, West Green, Elvetham and Hartfordbridge.  The Parish includes large wooded areas such as Yateley Heath Wood and part of Hazeley Heath as well as large expanses of common land with the famous Mildmay Oaks at its centre.  The Rier Hart flows to the north-east of the villiage with the River Whitewater forming the western parish boundary.  

The Villiage is twinned with Sain-Savin near Poitiers, France and the Malle, famous for its Trappist beer, near Antwerp in Belguim.


Hartley Wintney was recorded in the 13th Century as Hertleye Wynteneye which means ” the clearing of the forest where the deer graze by Winta’s island”.  Winta was probably a Sazon who owned the island in the marshes where a priory of Cistercian nuns which was founded in the middle of the 12th Century.

The red-brick parish church of St John overlooks the green and the elegant Mildmay oak trees beyond.  The oaks were planted by Lady St John Mildmay in response to the call, in 1807, by Admiral Collingwood following the Battle of Trafalgar for landowners to plant oaks to provide timber for naval ships. 

The cricket green, home of the oldest cricket club in Hampshire, is behind the shops adjoining a second picturesque duck pond and Dutch-gabled farmhouse.


You will find us at the end of Hartley Wintney High street, opposite Costa Coffee and next to the Fleet junction and Hatton’s Pond.

High Street 
Hartley Wintney
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